Name Surname Contry Title Of Study Presentation Type Session
Chellali Cherifa Algeria Class of (A; n)-power-hyponormal operators in semi-hilbertian space Poster Applied Mathematics
Fatima Zohra Zeghbib Algeria Domain decomposition method for an image processing problem by the non linear partial differential equation Poster Applied Mathematics
Massoun Youssouf Algeria The homotopy analysis method for nonlinear differntial equation Poster Analysis
Serkan Öztürk Turkey Magnitude-Frequency Statistic and Fractal Dimension of Seismicity in and around Van Province of Turkey: Assessing the Annual Probabilities and Recurrence Times Oral Probability and Statistics
Serkan Öztürk Turkey Regional and Temporal Properties of Earthquake Occurrences in Van Province and its vicinity, Turkey: Observations on the Current Seismic Behaviors at the beginning of 2019 Oral Probability and Statistics
Nassima Ramdane Algeria Kinetics and equilibrium of metals ions adsorption onto chemically modified apple peel cellulose biosorbents Poster
Messaoud Maoni Algeria Solving A Nonlinear Parabolic Problem with Data in L1 Oral Analysis
Boughazi Hichem Algeria Some properties of the Paneitz operator Oral Geometry
Monireh Nosrati Sahlan Iran Fractional Scaling Functions for Solving Fractional Pantograph Equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Leila BAICHE Algeria Maximum likelihood parametric estimation through RDS Oral Probability and Statistics
Rezaiguia Ali Algeria Existence Of Soloutions for Second-Order Differential Inclusion with boundary conditions Oral Analysis
Ramil Nasibullin Russia Hardy type Inequalities with remainders Poster Analysis
Firdhousi Begam India QTAG-Modules Isomorphic to their Fully Invariant Submodules Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Aiman Mukheimer Saudi Arabia Extended Partial Sb −Metric Spaces Poster Analysis
Dalal Lala Bouali Algeria Extreme Theory Approach For Estimating New Conditional Tail Expectation Poster Probability and Statistics
Kada Kloucha Mohammed Algeria Existence results for a class of first-order dynamic equations with nonlocal initial conditions on time scales Poster Applied Mathematics
Lallouche Abdallah Algeria Dynamics and valuation of some Derivatives by tree methods under principle of risk-neutral pricing Poster Probability and Statistics
Nassima Ramdane Algeria Kinetics and equilibrium of metals ions adsorption onto chemically modified apple peel cellulose biosorbents Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Badreddine Azzouzi Algeria Study Asymptotic of linear Processes for Dependent Random Variables Oral Probability and Statistics
Marshal Sampson Nigeria Rank of Semigroups: Generating Sets and Independent Sets Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Mehmet Yavuz Turkey A Reliable Treatment of Homotopy Method for Time-Fractional Differential Equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Belksier Manel Algeria Multidimentional fractional Brownian motion and stochastic differential equations for eigenvalues of (G,ε)–Wishart process Poster Probability and Statistics
Mohammed Mechee Iraq Generalized Runge-Kutta Integrators for Solving Special Sixth-Order Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications Oral Applied Mathematics
Khedim Tewfik Algeria Existence Results of First-Order Differential Equations with Integral Bondary Conditions at Resonance. Oral Applied Mathematics
Majdi Mansouri Qatar Data-Driven and Model-based Statistical Fault Detection Oral Applied Mathematics
Messirdi Bachir Algeria Existence Results of First-Order Differential Systems with Mixed Quasimonotone Nonlinearities and Integral Bondary Conditions. Oral Applied Mathematics
Bouzir Habib Algeria Almost Hermitian Golden Structures Oral Geometry
Naima Aissa Algeria Global Existence of Solutions to a Tumor Invasion Model Oral Applied Mathematics
Benoumhani Moussa Algeria Finite convex topologies Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Boukerrioua Khaled Algeria Integral Inequalities and Their Applications to Nonlinear Abstract Dynamic Equations on Time Scales Oral Applied Mathematics
Boukerrioua Khaled Algeria On Some Nonlinear Integral Inequalities and Their Applications to the Study of Stability Problems Perturbed Dynamic Systems Poster Applied Mathematics
Boukemara Ibtissem Algeria Regular Dynamics Of Two Dimensional Piecewise Map Poster Applied Mathematics
Kilani Brahim Algeria On Some New Gamidov Integral Inequalities and Theır Applications Poster Applied Mathematics
Frakis Abdelkader Algeria The numerical radius inequalities and its areal Oral Applied Mathematics
Bey Kamel Algeria A simple mathematical approach for the determination of the optimal insulation thickness of cryogenic tanks Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Rouibah Khaoula Algeria Iterative Continuous Collocation Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Mecheter Rabah Algeria Anisotropic parabolic problem in R^N with variable exponent and locally integrable data Poster Analysis
Benaoumeur Bayour Algeria Existence of solution to a local fractional nonlinear differential equation Oral Analysis
Diaf Ahmed Algeria Polygonal method for second-derivative Poster Applied Mathematics
İbrahim Şanlıbaba Turkey Bazı Ultra Normlu Uzaylar Oral Analysis
Djamila Seba Algeria Measure of Noncompactness and Differential Inclusions with Hadamard Fractional derivative Oral Analysis
Djamila Seba Algeria On Fractional Differential Equations with Integro-Differential Boundary Conditions Oral Analysis
Laouar Lakhdar Algeria Simulation and prediction of the cicatrization rate of a low carbon billet during continuous steel casting Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Tatiana Yakovleva Russia An Application of the Rice Statistical Model in Tasks of Optical Metrology Oral Applied Mathematics
Tatiana Yakovleva Russia Two-Parameter Analysis of Rician Data as an Efficient Tool of Stochastic Signals’ Processing Oral Analysis
Lemmoui Abdennacer Algeria Application of the Postulate of A. Achenbach for Determining the Optımum Height of the Cupola with Coke and a Row of Nozzles Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Karras Meselem Algeria Mean value of an arithmetic function associated with the Piltz divisor function Poster Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Laaziri Bouchra Morocco Regularized Maximum A Posteriori Method for Image Deconvolution with Regularization Parameter Estimation Oral Applied Mathematics
Abdelaziz Amroune Algeria On the similarity-based fuzzy orderings and cutworthy property Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Tallab Abdelhamid Algeria Relationships between some classes of Lipschitz summing operators Oral Geometry
Milles Soheyb Algeria Principal fuzzy ideals and filters on a lattice Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Aliya Seitova Kazakhstan About Asymptotıc Of Eıgenvalues On Graph-Star Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Faridah Mohamed Ibrahim Malaysia Mobile Phone usage in teaching Calculus: Pre University Students’ perspective Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Naima Keddar Algeria Solutions for Nonhomogeneous Singular Elliptic Equations Involving Critical Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg Exponent Oral Applied Mathematics
Nour elhouda Berguellah Algeria Synchronization of chaotic system using generalized active control Poster Applied Mathematics
Laoubi Karima Algeria Polynomial decay rate for the dissipative wave equation with mixed boundary conditions Oral Analysis
Aisha Alqahtani Saudi Arabia Numerical Simulation to Study the Pattern Formation of Reaction-diffusion Brusselator Model Arising in Triple Collision and Enzymatic Oral Applied Mathematics
Christodoulos Sophocleous Cyprus The significance of equivalence transformations in the problems of Lie group classifications Oral Applied Mathematics
Hasna Essoufi Morocco The geometry of generalized Cheeger-Gromoll metrics on the total space of transitive Euclidean Lie algebroids Oral Geometry
Laoubi Karima Algeria Fractional Optimal Control Problem for Differential System with mixed boundary conditions Poster Analysis
Mekhilef Slimane Algeria Modeling and Diagnosis of rolling defects by vibratory signals Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Kyriakos Charalambous Cyprus Lie Group Classification for a class of variable coefficient KdV-Burgers equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Monireh Nosrati Sahlan Iran B-Spline wavelets for solving Troesch problem Oral Applied Mathematics
Rukiye Öztürk Mert Turkey Dissipative Singular Differential Operators of First Order Oral Analysis
Rukiye Öztürk Mert Turkey On the Spectral Radius and Operator Norm of Finite Upper Triangular Block Operator Matrices Oral Analysis
Bentifour Rachid Algeria Nonlinear parabolic system involving potential term and nonlinear gradient Oral Analysis
Anouar BEn-LOGHFYRY Morocco the fractional derivative in image processing Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Nawel Mourah Algeria On The Positve Solutions For a BV Problem Of Nonlinear FDE Poster Applied Mathematics
Saloua Labed Algeria Maximum principle in optimal control of systems driven by martingale measures Oral Probability and Statistics
Malek Rajae Morocco A New numerical approximation method Oral Applied Mathematics
Chouia Sana Algeria A Modified Chi-squared Goodness-of-fit test for the AFT-Bertholon and its Applications Oral Probability and Statistics
Chouia Sana Algeria A Goodness-of-fit tests based on the empirical distribution function for the AFT-Bertholon model Oral Probability and Statistics
Selim Sivrioglu Turkey Mathieu Equation Stability Analysis of a Repulsive Magnetic Bearing Flywheel System Oral Applied Mathematics
Milena Sosic Croatia The Varchenko determinant for oriented hyperplane arrangements Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Ahmad Yousefian Darani Iran A generalization of Armendariz modules Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Nasrin Eghbali Iran A Generalization stability of fractional differential equations and Lane-Emden equation Oral Analysis
Maryam Alshehri United Kingdom Particle density and particle hole duality in continumm in The CAR algebra Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Aidana Kasbakbayeva Kazakhstan Stable perturbations of boundary value problems for differential equations Oral Analysis
Nazerke Tasbaeva Kazakhstan Influence of boundary perturbation on the structure of Jordan cells of differential operators Oral Analysis
Özgür Keskin Turkey  Applications of Rotation Minimizing Vector Fields on Curves and Surfaces in Minkowski Space Oral Geometry
Zibouche Ouassila Algeria Non Local and Non Regular Boundary Value Problem for Quadratic Ordinary Differential Pencil Poster Applied Mathematics
Özgür Keskin Turkey  A Rotation Minimizing Frame and Ruled Surface in Rn Oral Geometry
Sabrina Matallah Algeria Statistical Modeling of Contact Wear Polluted Elastohydrodynamics Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Bouali Tahar Algeria Existence of positive solutions for a new class of quasilinear singular elliptic systems involving Caffarelli--Kohn--Nirenberg exponent with sign-changing weight functions Poster Applied Mathematics
Guefaifia Rafik Algeria Existence of positive weak solutions for a new class of Kirchhoff elliptic systems with multiple parameters Poster Applied Mathematics
Kaden Bapaev Kazakhstan On the strong stability of difference-dynamic systems with parametric perturbations Poster Analysis
Bagila Toleuova Kazakhstan Stability of Difference Dynamic Systems According to Lagrange Poster Analysis
Neggal Bilel Algeria Convergence of the Regularized Sinc Collocation Method Applied to Fredholm Integral Equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Abdelhafid Younsi Algeria A Strong Lower Bound on Blowing-up Solutions of the 3d Navier–Stokes Equatıons in H^{5/2} Oral Applied Mathematics
Pembe Ipek Al Turkey On the Spectrum of Dissipative Singular Differential Operators of First Order Oral Analysis
Milles Soheyb Algeria Intuitionistic fuzzy topology generated by intuitionistic fuzzy relation Oral Topology
Hellal Abdelaziz Algeria Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Nonlinear Parabolic Problem involving Variable Exponents and Irregular data Poster Analysis
Achouri Zineb Algeria Existence and Asymptotic Behavior of an Evolution Problem with a Nonlocal Term Poster Applied Mathematics
Abdelaziz Belaada Algeria On positive multiple summing operators Oral Analysis
Achouri Zineb Algeria Well-posedness and Exponential Stability for a Wave Equation with Delay Condition. Oral Applied Mathematics
Bouafia Dahmane Algeria Existence of solutions for a perturbed second order problem on the half-Line via Ekeland variational principle Poster Analysis
Idriss ElMourabit Morocco A combined BTV term with a based tensor second order PDE for image super-resolution Poster Applied Mathematics
Ali Akgül Turkey Reproducing Kernel Functions For Solution of Linear and Nonlinear Third order Fractional Differential Equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Evgjeni Xhafaj Albania The use of partial least squares structural equation modeling approach for analysis of the dimensions of poverty, a case study of Albania. Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Erkan Taşdemir Turkey On The Stability of A Nonlinear Difference Equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Erkan Taşdemir Turkey On The Stability Analysis of a System of Difference Equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Fellah Khadidja Algeria Using Hilbert curve for Data collection in WSN with mobile Sink Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Neggal Bilel Algeria Regularized Wavelet-Galerkin method for Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind Poster Applied Mathematics
Kadriye Aydemir Turkey Parseval and carleman equalities for Sturm-Liouville problems under jump conditions Oral Analysis
Abdelhafid Younsi Algeria A criterion for uniqueness of weak Solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations Poster Applied Mathematics
Kadriye Aydemir Turkey The resolvent operator for two-interval Sturm-Liouville problems with eigenparameter depending transmission conditions Oral Analysis
Nora Lounici Mosbah Algeria Identification of risk factors by Daïra: Prospective analysis of data on 1607 accidents Oral Applied Mathematics
Firdaousse Ouallal Morocco Coupled Lattice Boltzmann Method for viscoelastic Oldroyd-type fluids: the evolution of the elastic pressure Oral Applied Mathematics
Mustafa Yıldırım Turkey ON fhi-recurrent Kenmotsu Manifolds Oral Geometry
Ufuk Çelik Turkey A New Study on the Discontinuity at Fixed Point Oral Topology
Nihal Yılmaz Özgür Turkey New Solutions to the Rhoades’ Open Problem and the Fixed-Circle Problem Oral Topology
Nihal Taş Turkey A New Approach to the Geometry of Fixed Points of Self-Mappings Oral Topology
Nihal Taş Turkey A New Version of the Pasting Lemma on a Fuzzy Soft Topological Space Oral Topology
Imed Abid Tunisia Bifurcation Problem for a Class of Quasilinear Fractional Schrodinger Equations Oral Analysis
ahlem Djebar Algeria Around Multivariate Credibility: Properties of the Covariance Matrix Poster Applied Mathematics
Houalef Meriem Algeria Queueing model with working vacation and impatient customers Poster Probability and Statistics
Goual Hafida Algeria On a modified goodness of fit test for validating the Weibull pareto model application to Bronchopulmonary dysplasia BPD data Oral Probability and Statistics
Oumaima Tibssirte Morocco Left invariant Lorentzian Einstein Metrics On Nilpotent Lie Groups. Oral Geometry
Mehdi Nabil Morocco Cohomology Of Co-invariant Differential Forms Oral Geometry
Hamzaoui Yamina Algérie Existence of solutions to Neumann problem involving multiple critical exponents Oral analyse
Bouchentouf Amina Angelika Algeria Multi-station manufacturing system analysis Oral Probability and Statistics
Wajih Ashraf India Epimorphically preserved heterotypical and homotypical semigroup identities Oral Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
Nabila Bellal Algeria An existence result via penalty method for some nonlinear parabolic unilateral problems Poster Applied Mathematics
Gulmira Vassilina Kazakhstan On Construction of the Comparison Function of Program Manifold of the Stochastic Differential Equations Oral Analysis
Kabir Abdenour Algeria Determination of the Solar Cells internal parameters using the Two Diodes Model Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Kheireddine Biroud Algeria Existence of Positive Solutions to a Fractional Parabolic Problem with Singular Weight at the Boundary Oral Analysis
Mekkaoui Souad Algeria Non-parametric estimation of conditional quantiles in the single index model Poster Probability and Statistics
Ahmed Abbassi Algeria Root extraction in the Orient Islamic between the 10th - 15th century. Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Terchi Messaouda Algeria The lifespan for a Solution of Wave Equation With Mixed Damping Term Oral Applied Mathematics
Mostefaoui Imene Meriem Algeria Mathematical model for antibiotic resistant bacteria and immune cells Oral Applied Mathematics
Naouel Belkhir Algeria Estimation of the Risk Function under Right Random Censoring with Modified Kernels. Numerical Studies and Example Poster Probability and Statistics
Soukaina Ouarab Morocco Special Ruled Surfaces with Frenet Frame in Euclidean 3-space Oral Geometry
Soukaina Ouarab Morocco Special Darboux Ruled Surface in Euclidean 3-Space Oral Geometry
Karima Kimouche Algeria Parameters estimation of spatial bilinear processes in frequency domain Oral Probability and Statistics
Hassaini Katia Algeria An algorithm for Solving quadratic programming problem with an M-matrix Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Hamza Aicha Algeria Estimation of conditional hazard function in the single functional index model under random censorship Poster Probability and Statistics
Hafidha Sebbagh Algeria Multiplicity of positive solutions for a class of quasilinear boundary value problems Poster Applied Mathematics
Brahim Mezerdi Saudi Arabia Necessary and Sufficients Conditions for Optimality İn Singular Control of Stochastic Differential Equations Oral Probability and Statistics
Bilel Krichen Tunisia Weak demicompactness involving measures of weak noncompactness and invariance of the essential spectrum Oral Analysis
Faiçal Abdmouleh Tunisia B-Essential and B-Weyl Spectra of Sum of Two Commuting Bounded Operators Oral Analysis
Kada Kloucha Meryem Algeria The exponential bounds and the a.s. convergence of the BLP predictor of a C[0;1]-valued autoregressive process Poster Probability and Statistics
Majid Erfanian Iran Using of finite element method for solving weakly singular Volterra integral equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Daniela Halidini Qendraj Albania Super decisions for the influenza activity viruses using AHP and ANP methods Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Mohamed Zaaf Algeria Comparison between two strip rolling models Poster Analysis
Fatima-Ezzahrae Abid Morocco Geometric Topology and Algebra Oral Geometry
Khellaf Yasmina Algeria Algorithmic method to study some geometric objects via Mathematica Poster Geometry
Dilek Demirkuş Turkey Linear SH Waves in a Two -Layered Plate Oral Applied Mathematics
Kouche Mahiéddine Algeria Mathematical Analysis of an HIV Infection Model Including Quiescent Cells and Periodic Antiviral Therapy Poster Applied Mathematics
Aliaa Burqan Jordan Generalizations of Singular Value Inequalities Related to Block Matrices Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Sana Hadj Amor Tunisia Krasnoselskii fixed point theorems involving new class of convex-power condensing multivalued mappings and application to integral inclusion Oral Analysis
Kermoune Sara Algeria Bayesian estimation of the Exponential-Pareto distribution under the squared error loss finction Poster Probability and Statistics
Yahi Zahra Algérie Delta-systems (strong and weak) with partitions of an integer Oral Algèbre, théorie des nombres et logique
Mohamed houas Algeria Existence results for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations with two fractional orders Poster Analysis
Mohamed houas Algeria Existence results for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations with two fractional orders Poster Analysis
Medjahri Latifa Algeria Study of Feedback Queuing models with Reneged, and Balked customers Poster Probability and Statistics
Karima Kimouche Algeria Eestimation of spatially varying linear Systems Poster Probability and Statistics
Sara Stihi Algeria Stochastic Di⁄erential Equations for Random Matrices Processes in the nonlinear framework Poster Probability and Statistics
Chafika Amel Aitemrar Algeria h-Fourier integral operators with complex phase Oral Analysis
Mebarek-Oudina Fateh Algeria Analysis of magneto-nano Williamson fluid flow produced by a stretching sheet of variable thickness Oral Applied Mathematics
Gherbal Boulakhras Algeria Existence and optimality condition for a mixed relaxed-singular optimal controls for mean-field forward-backward stochastic differential equations Oral Probability and Statistics
Anita Tomar India On Existence of Unique Fixed Point in F-Metric spaces and its Applications to Real World Problems Oral Analysis
Nasri Nassima Algeria Efficient formulations for a fourth order obstacle problem Poster Applied Mathematics
Yasmina Djabali Algeria Strong Stability of the Embedded Markov Chain in an M/PH/1 Queue Poster Applied Mathematics
Ruhaila Md Kasmani Malaysia Magnetohydrodynamic Sakiadis Flow of Williamson Fluid over a Horizontal Plate with Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux Model Oral Applied Mathematics
kada kloucha Meryem Algeria The BLP predictor of an H-valued Functional Autoregressive Process Poster Probability and Statistics
Nehari Mohamed Algeria Existence of Solution for the problem in the Times Scales. Poster Analysis
Rania Khallout Algeria Financial model of risk-sensitive stochastic optimal control Oral Probability and Statistics
M'hamdi Mohammed Salah Algeria Pseudo almost automorphic functions applied to a new recurrent neural networks model with several delays Oral Applied Mathematics
Nabil Zougab Algeria Additive bias correction technique for discrete associated kernel Oral Applied Mathematics
Oznur Ozkan Kilic Turkey On the Coefficients of some Close-to-convex Functions Oral Analysis
Zhanat Dzhobulaeva Kazakhstan On linearized Florin type problem for the system of parabolic equations Oral Analysis
Youcef Zohra Algeria Comparing the results of some numerical methods for solving a differential equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Rachid Boukoucha Algeria Invariant algebraic curve and limit cycles of a class of planar differential systems Oral Analysis
Mohamed Amine Mezerdi Algeria Some stability properties of Mc Kean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations Oral Probability and Statistics
Nihed Trabelsi Tunisia Singular Limit Solutions for A 2-Dimensional Semilinear Elliptic System of Liouville Type Oral Analysis
Ali Akgül Akgül Turkey A New Technique for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Third Order Fractional Differential Equations Oral Applied Mathematics
Bouazza Kacimi Algeria Weakly-symmetry of the diagonal lifts on tangent bundles of order two Oral Geometry
Mohammed El Hadi Mezabia Algeria Asymptotic Modeling of Signorini problem with Coulomb friction for linear membrane shells Oral Applied Mathematics
Khaled Boudjellal Algeria Experimental Study Based Regression Analysis Model Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Sofiane Ouazine Algeria Uncertainty Quantification of the GI/M/1/N Queue with negative arrivals Oral Probability and Statistics
Samia Aouici Algeria Quadratic regression model used for Study of geometrical features in laser claddings Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
ElHadi Boussaha Algeria Quadratic Regression Model for Study of the Tribologically Transformed Surfaces under Indentation Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Dahbia Hafayed Algeria An Optimal Stochastic Control of Risk-Sensitive problem for Backward Doubly Oral Probability and Statistics
Dahbia Hafayed Algeria A Risk-Sensitive Stochastic Maximum Principle for Backward with Jump Diffusion Type Poster Probability and Statistics
Plamen Koev United States The Densities and Distributions of the Largest Eigenvalue a Beta-Wishart Matrix Oral Applied Mathematics
Maatougui Belaala Algeria Multilinear phi-summing operators Oral Analysis
Atika Matallah Algeria Positive solutions of elliptic Kirchhoff equations involving critical Sobolev exponents Oral Applied Mathematics
Abdelhai Elazzouzi Morocco Global Stability Analysis for a Generalized Delayed SIR Model with Vaccination and Treatment Oral Applied Mathematics
Rochdi Bachir Bouiadjra Algeria Cuckoo search based fuzzy clustering with kernel distance for image segmentation Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Mohd. Ahasan India Generalized Szász-Mirakjan type operators via q-calculus and approximation properties Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Belhamra Thara Algeria On Geometrical Approach of Chain Ladder Method: Properties and Application Poster Probability and Statistics
Bouabaz Mohamed Algeria A Mathematical Model Based on Fuzzy Logic for Predicting Projects Cost Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Safia Benmansour Algeria On nonhomogeneous elliptic problems involving critical exponent and nonlocal operator Oral Applied Mathematics
Hamidreza Golmohammadi Iran Some bounds on the Roman k-domination number in graphs Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Khenniche Ghania Algeria Thermal simulation of the steel solidification during continuous casting Poster Applied Mathematics
Redjil Amel Algeria Stochastic Calculus under G-expectation Oral Probability and Statistics
Seher Kaya Turkey Generalized Helices and Frame of Frenet-Type Oral Geometry
Pembe Ipek Al Turkey Compact Inverses of First Order Normal Differential Operators with Lorentz-Schatten Properties Oral Analysis
Houas Amrane Algeria Non-Explosion Solutions for some diffusion of mechanics Oral Applied Mathematics
Muhammed Syam United Arab Emirates The simplified Hirota's method for investigating the fractional extended Sawada-Kotera equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Mojtaba Bakherad Iran Recent results in Berezin number inequalities Oral Analysis
Bahlil Mounir Algeria Stability result of the Bresse system with delay and boundary feedback Oral Applied Mathematics
Zaamoune Faiza Algeria Design and Analysis Hidden Bifurcations in Chen's Attractors Oral Analysis
Youness El Yazidi Morocco A comparison of a gradient based method and the differential evolution for shape identification problem Oral Applied Mathematics
Sofiane Ouazine Algeria Uncertainty Quantification of the GI/M/1/N Queue with negative arrivals Oral Probability and Statistics
Kheireddine Biroud Algeria Nonlocal elliptic problems with singular weight at the boundary Oral Analysis
Mezerdi Meriem Algeria Existence of optimal relaxed controls for mean -field stochastic systems Oral Probability and Statistics
Ali Deliceoğlu Turkey Flow topology around the re-entrant corner in an L-shaped cavity Oral Applied Mathematics
Mohammed Mammeri Algeria Symmetry-breaking bifurcation in k-generalized 2-D discrete chaotic map Oral Applied Mathematics
Mohammed Mammeri Algeria On dynamics of Lotka–Volterra prey–predator planar map Poster Applied Mathematics
Brahim Tellab Algeria Critical Exponents and Blow-up of Solution for a Semilinear Fractional Differential Equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Malika Boughandjioua Algeria Estimation of Diseases: A Case Study Based Statistical Analysis Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Manish Sharma India Metric Fixed Point Theory Oral Analysis
Nouressadat Touafek Algeria On a higher order difference equation with periodic coefficients Oral Applied Mathematics
Menaceur Amor Algeria On the Limit Cycles of a Class of Polynomial Differential Systems via Averaging Theory Poster Applied Mathematics
kenza tamiti Algeria Variance reduction in Monte Carlo simulation of M/G/1 retrial queuing system Oral Probability and Statistics
Mohamed Bouabaz Algeria A hybrid Model based Artificial Intelligence to Assessing Construction Cost Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Saada Hamouda Algeria Order of growth of solutions of certain differential equations near a singular point Oral Analysis
Milan Zlatanovic Serbia Connections on non-symmetric manifolds Oral Geometry
Toualbia Mohamed Saleh Algeria Nonlinear boundary feedback stabilization for Schrödinger equations . Poster Applied Mathematics
Krzysztof Cieplinski Poland A Fixed Point Theorem and Ulam Stability Oral Analysis
Ben Gherbal Hanane Algeria The stochastic maximum principle in optimal regular-singular control of mean field type diffusions Poster Probability and Statistics
Hassouna Houda Algeria Segmentation based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Local Descriptors for Brain Tumors Detection Oral Applied Mathematics
Hassouna Houda Algeria Comparative study between Histogram Local Binary Pattern and Histogram Local Phase Quantization for Brain Tumors Detection Poster Applied Mathematics
Nabila Aiane Algeria Consistency of the Robbins-Monro's Algorithm in a Linear Stochastic Ill-posed Problem with -mixing data Oral Applied Mathematics
Brahim Tellab Algeria Critical Exponents of Fujuta Type for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation Oral Applied Mathematics
Menaceur Amor Algeria On the Limit Cycles of a Class of Polynomial Differential Systems via Averaging Theory Poster Applied Mathematics
Laidi Maamar Algeria Fractional calculus based method for Chemical kinetics modelling of the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Fadila Leslous Algeria Optimization of a Telecommunications Network Oral Mathematics in Other Areas
Ines Walha Tunisia Spectral properties of some unbounded operators matrices with applications Oral Applied Mathematics
Salma Charfi Tunisia Frame of exponentials related to analytic families operators and application to a non-self adjoint problem of radiation of a vibrating structure in a light fluid Oral Applied Mathematics
Hamaidi Brahim Algeria Mathematical Model for the Detection of the Defects of the State of Isolation of Electrical Networks in Mining Companies Poster Applied Mathematics
Hamaidi Brahim Algeria Mathematical method of risk analysis and performance stuof safety barriers of an industrial process Poster Analysis
Abdesselam Nawel Algeria Memory and nonlinear boundary feedback stabilization for Schrödinger equations with constant coeffisients Oral Applied Mathematics
Rezzoug Imad Algeria Weakly sentinels for distributed systems Poster Applied Mathematics
Mebarek Abdelmalek Algeria Plastic Deformation and Nonstoichiometry in Rutile TiO2 Poster Applied Mathematics
Laidi Maamar Algeria Application of mathematical fractional calculus in modeling of apple slices drying in thin layer Poster Mathematics in Other Areas
Nesrine Ammouchi Algeria Photo degradation of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Media Versus Regression Analysis Poster Mathematics in Other Areas