Name Surname Contry Title Of Study Presentation Type Session
Esra Gülle Turkey Asymptotical Deferred Invariant Equivalence of Order α Types for Double Set Sequences Online via ZOOM
Esra Gülle Turkey On Generalizations of Double Wijsman Deferred Invariant Convergence Online via ZOOM
Ziadi Raouf Algeria AEQN: A hybrid algorithm for smooth global optimization Online via ZOOM
Hamza Bouguerne Algeria The Boundary integral method for the Laplace equation with more general than mixed conditions Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ould Chikh El Bahri Algeria Finite Element Analysis Method of the Polypropylene Mechanical Behavior Online via ZOOM
Dehimi Melouka Algeria Galerkin method applied to p(.) – Bi- Laplace equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sukri Khareng Turkey Nonsingular Complexiton and Interaction Solutions of a (2+1)-Dimensional Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Imane Ouakil Algeria On the study of a dynamic adhesive contact problem Online via ZOOM
Boughamsa Wissem Algeria On the Behavior of Solution For a Higher-Order Viscoelastic Wave Equation With Variable Exponent Term Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kazem Haghnejad Azar Iran An extension of order bounded operators Physical Participation in Istanbul
Uğur Gözütok Turkey A new representation of implicit plane algebraic curves Online via ZOOM
Nazlı Yazıcı Gözütok Turkey Regular maps corresponding to the modular group Online via ZOOM
Nadir Djeddi Algeria Reproducing Kernel Algorithm for Simulating a Class of Fractional Differential Equations Emerging in Applied Physics Online via ZOOM
Chahrazed Boudefla Algeria Controllable Mild Solutions for Second-Order Evolution Equations with Finite State-Dependent Delay Online via ZOOM
Ghomrani Sarra Algeria New earthquake model through a bi-nonlinear Volterra integral equation Online via ZOOM
Laksaci Noura Algeria On the existence of a solution of a system of integral equations in the weighted Sobolev spaces W^{1,1}_{\omega}(a,b) \times W^{1,1}_{\omega}(a,b) via a generalized measure of noncompactness Online via ZOOM
Sara Attab Algeria On The Non-convex Lagrange Optimal Control For General Iterative Differential Inclusions Online via ZOOM
Wahiba Mecibah Algeria Theoretical Study Of Chalcone Derivatives As Corrosion Inhibitors For Aluminum In Acidic Environment Physical Participation in Istanbul
Dimpy Chauhan India On Some Properties of A-nuclei of a Quasigroup Online via ZOOM
Ankit Kumar India New Characterizations of Browder’s Theorem and Cline’s formula Online via ZOOM
Kazem Haghnejad Azar Iran Approximate Semi-Amenability of Banch Algebras Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ihaddadene Lila Algeria On existence and uniqueness of a Wentzell mixed problem Online via ZOOM
Marwa Khemis Algeria Existence, uniqueness and stability results of a delay Mackey-Glass equation Online via ZOOM
Uğur Ulusu Turkey Double Wijsman Asymptotically Strong Deferred Cesàro Equivalence of Order α Online via ZOOM
Batahri Asma Amira Algeria A semilinear Fractional elliptic problem involving the Hardy potential Online via ZOOM
Karek Chafia Algeria Homogenization of the Stokes problem a non-homogeneous boundary condition by the periodic unfolding method Physical Participation in Istanbul
Aissa Nasli Bakir Algeria A class of operators that achieve their norms Online via ZOOM
ibtissem Daira Algeria Study of global asymptotic stability in nonlinear neutral dynamic equations on time scales Online via ZOOM
Idrissi Fatmi Nadia Morocco Analyse the Immunotherapy Response of Breast Cancer Patients : A mathematical modeling and numerical simulation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Idrissi Fatmi Nadia Morocco Analysing the effect of Trastuzumab Treatment On Breast Cancer Stages And Cardiac Function : Mathematical Modeling And Numerical Simulation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Luckshay Batra India Analyzing Epidemics and Designing Policies with a Modified SIR Model Online via ZOOM
Erfan Kadivar Iran A Numerical Study of Droplet Trajectory by Boundary Element and Level Set Methods Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sami Altoum Saudi Arabia Euler-Lagrange Equation in Free Coordinates Physical Participation in Istanbul
Yajuvindra Kumar Kumar India Rayleigh-Ritz solution of bending of nonhomogeneous rectangular plate under arbitrary load Online via ZOOM
Benterki Abdessalem Algeria Discussion on Data Dependence Results for Multivalued Mappings Online via ZOOM
Ram Pravesh Prasad India Studies of chaos synchronization and hybrid chaos synchronization of identical chaotic systems by control methods Online via ZOOM
Shamoona Jabeen Pakistan Fixed Point Results of Reich Contraction in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Endowed with Graph Physical Participation in Istanbul
Anita Caushi Albania A Ideal integral Dunford type on Banah Space Online via ZOOM
Djamal Hamadi Algeria The efficient Geometrical Non linear Analysis Method for Engineering Structures Physical Participation in Istanbul
Wafiya Boukrouk Algeria A Set Differential Inclusion On A Non Compact Interval   Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Conditional randomization test for Heteregeneous treatment effect on biological networks Online via ZOOM
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Distribution-free SLOPE Variable Selection Procedure with Bootstrap in Proteomic Network Analyses Online via ZOOM
Chadaphorn Punkumkerd United Kingdom Generalized Stirling Operators with Applications Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nurgül Kangal Turkey Minimal abelian codes of length p^n and 2p^n Online via ZOOM
Rachid Boukoucha Algeria On the dynamics of a class of planar differential systems with two cycles explicity given Physical Participation in Istanbul
Youssef El-Khatib United Arab Emirates A non-Markovian process modulated GBM model for financial derivatives Physical Participation in Istanbul
Serkan Öztürk Turkey A Statistical Assessment on the Aftershocks of August 11, 2012 Varzaghan-Ahar (Iran) Doublet Earthquakes Online via ZOOM
Serkan Öztürk Turkey An Evaluation of the Earthquake Potential on the Yedisu Segment and its Surroundings (Türkiye): Hazard Implication Online via ZOOM
Imade Mansouri Morocco Unsupervised Classification of Water Quality Using Artificial Intelligence: The Case of the Moulouya Wadi's Surface Waters (NE, Morocco) Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kheireddine Biroud Algeria Semilinear elliptic equations with singular term at boundary Physical Participation in Istanbul
Yassine Benhadj Morocco Using neural networks for fault detection in a distillation column Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mojtaba Bakherad Iran Investigations on Berezan radius inequalities Online via ZOOM
Harrat Chahrazed Algeria Harmonic Trinomial With Complex Parameter Online via ZOOM
Benchabi Rahima Algeria Effect of a nanofluid on the thermal - hydraulic behavior of triangular corrugated channel   Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ram Shankar Chaudhary India On gradient Ricci soliton space-time warped product Online via ZOOM
Shiv Kant Tiwari India Some results of fixed point theory on nonlinear integral equations Online via ZOOM
Lanani Ahsene Algeria Correlations between the Nusslet and the Reynolds Numbers: a Statistical Approach Physical Participation in Istanbul
Abhay Singh India Friedmann Cosmology with Late Time Acceleration Online via ZOOM
Majid Erfanian Iran Using of finite element method for solving weakly singular Fredholm integral equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Priyanka Gupta India An Integral Involving the Multivariable H-Functions and Shrivastava Polynomial & M-Series Online via ZOOM
Anita Caushi Albania Ideal convergence and Ideal Dunford integration on Banach space Online via ZOOM
Baljeet Singh India Propagation of waves in nonlocal transversely isotropic diffusive materials Online via ZOOM
Dellal Abdelkader Algeria Soliton equations with a nonlocal term in several space dimensions Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kheireddine Biroud Algeria Existence of Solutions for Nonlocal Semilinear elliptic equations with singular term at boundary Physical Participation in Istanbul
Benterki Rebiha Algeria Phase portraits of of Piecewise differential Systems with a Pseudo equilibria Online via ZOOM
Rebiha Zeghdane Algeria A Numerical Approach by Hybrid Radial Basis Functions for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations Online via ZOOM
Rebiha Zeghdane Algeria Adaptative numerical Approach for Solving Nonlinear Stochastic Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations Online via ZOOM
Sabah Baibeche Algeria On the stability of solution for Transmission problem for one dimensional wave equations in the absence of the nonlinear weight of the damping with history term under effects of varying delay term Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mohammad Jahanshahi Iran Discrete and continuous additive calculus Applications in geometry with math-education approaches Physical Participation in Istanbul
Damla Yılmaz Turkey Generalized Permuting Tri-derivations in MV-algebras Online via ZOOM
Halim Zeghdoudi Algérie On New X Lindley Distribution: Properties and Application to Voltage Real data set Participation physique à Istanbul
Yousef Jafarzadeh Iran Numerical determination of extended semi integrals and semi differentials by using B-spline functions Online via ZOOM
Ainouche Amina Algeria Comtamination Number Of The King’s Graph   Physical Participation in Istanbul
Boumesbah Asma Algeria Multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems Physical Participation in Istanbul
Massoun Youssouf Algeria Numerical Scheme For Fourth Order Boundary Value Problems Physical Participation in Istanbul
Bashir Al-Hdaibat Jordan Bifurcation Analysis for a System of Rational Difference Equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Meriem Tiachachat Algérie Some applications of partial r-Bell polynomials Participation physique à Istanbul
Kentache Sarra Algeria Reducing the computation time using decomposition for multiple objective integer linear programming. Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ashish Naudiyal India An Isolation Problem On Weighted Composition Operator On L P (µ)(1 ≤ P < ∞)-Spaces Online via ZOOM
Deepak Kumar Singh India Moduli of continuity of functions and solution of Emden-Fowler equation of third order and Chandrasekhar’s white dwarf equation by Vieta-Fibonacci wavelet Online via ZOOM
Satish Kumar India Haar wavelet approximations in Holder's space and Sobolev space and solution of Bessel's differential equation by Haar wavelet operational matrix Online via ZOOM
Aysel Özfidan Turkey Any l-state solutions of the modified Mobius square potential Online via ZOOM
Morteza Oveisiha Iran On approximate convex set-valued maps and generalized variational inequalities Physical Participation in Istanbul
Saada Hamouda Algeria Possible orders of growth of solutions to linear fractional differential equations with polynomial coefficients Online via ZOOM
Sofiane Mahmoudi Algeria Growth of solutions to certain class of linear fractional differential equations with entire coefficients Online via ZOOM
Said Mazouz Algeria Nevanlinna theory in a puntured disc and applications to differential equations Online via ZOOM
Anurag Kumar Patel India Zero Divisors and Topological Divisors of Zero in the Banach Algebras C[a,b], l^∞ and Disk Algebra A(D) Online via ZOOM
Ikram Imken Morocco A new mathematical model of drinking alcohol among diabetes population with and without complication Physical Participation in Istanbul
A.S. Maragadam India Vertex corona of two simple connected graphs Online via ZOOM
Hocine Mohamed Braiki Algeria Stady of some évolution problème Online via ZOOM
Tabchouche Nesrine Algeria Primal dual interior point methods for sdlcp based on a new type of kernel functions Online via ZOOM
Michael Dorff United States Zeros of a one-parameter family of harmonic polynomials Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ali Khalouta Algeria Fractional reduced differential transform method for solving fractional-order gas dynamics equation Online via ZOOM
Amine Dilbeste Uysal Turkey Applications of Some Fixed Point Theorems to an Integral Boundary Value Problem Online via ZOOM
Abdolrahman Razani Iran Anisotropic horizontal Laplacians on the Heisenberg group Physical Participation in Istanbul
Naiyer Mohammadi Lanbaran Iran Quantum fuzzy based on deep reinforcement method for optimization of energy management systems Online via ZOOM
Fares Yazid Algeria General decay of solutions in one-dimensional porous-elastic with memory and distributed delay term Online via ZOOM
Said Mazouz Algeria Growth Of Solution Of A Class Of Linear Differential Equation Near A Punctured Disk Online via ZOOM
Nor-Elhouda Beghersa Algeria On the exponential stability of some differential equations in Hilbert spaces Online via ZOOM
Abdelatif Bencherif Madani Algeria A new formula for the solution of a Neumann problem   Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nourredine Houari Algeria Multiplicity results via topological approach Online via ZOOM
Ikram Hamed Algeria Stochastic Control of Backward Differential Equation Online via ZOOM
Ines Garti Algeria Well-posedness of solutions for the generalized Boussinesq equations with logarithmic nonlinearity Online via ZOOM
Radhouane Aounallah Algeria Blow-up of positive-initial-energy solutions of a nonlinear viscoelastic hyperbolic equation with fractional damping Online via ZOOM
Amina Hallal Algeria New Family of Conjugate Gradient Methods with Strong Wolfe Line Search Conditions Online via ZOOM
Siham Boukarabila Algeria A Superquadratic Elliptic Problem Online via ZOOM
Imene Khélifa Algeria Inverse Acoustic Scattering with Far-Field Data in 2D Physical Participation in Istanbul
Abdelkrim Zekri Algeria A Nonlocal Coupled System Of Differential Equations Online via ZOOM
Malkhaz Bakuradze Georgia Complex cobordism modulo spherical cobordism and related genera Physical Participation in Istanbul
Chahira Guenoune Algeria A Frictional Contact Problem Online via ZOOM
Asghar Ahmadkhanlu Iran Positive Solutions for Some conformable fractional boundary value problem Physical Participation in Istanbul
Shahroud Azami Iran Global gradient estimates of partial differentail equations under the Finsler-geometric flow Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nacer Meriem Algeria An adjusted Salp Swarm Optimization Algorithm by Utilizing Chaotic Maps Online via ZOOM
Kübra Özkan Turkey Some Fixed Point Theorems for θ-ϕ Contraction in Complete Modular Metric Spaces Online via ZOOM
Meriem Chabekh Algeria A Numerical Approach to Solution of Truncated Timoshenko Beam Online via ZOOM
Zineb Bouslah Algeria Direct and inverse problem for the bi-Laplace equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Omar Choucha Algeria The existence and uniqueness of solutions to the hybrid discrete fractional equation Online via ZOOM
Chems Eddine Berrehail Algeria Periodic orbits for a class of some differential equations via averaging theory Physical Participation in Istanbul
Dounia Bahlali Algeria Time-Inconsistent Investment And Consumption Strategies Under A General Discount Function Online via ZOOM
Ikram Bouzoualegh Algeria L ∞-error estimate of generalized paralell Schwarz algorithm for elliptic quasi-variational inequalities related to impulse control problem Online via ZOOM
Ilheme Hassi Algeria On detour index of join of graphs Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mohamed Amine Boutiche Algeria On detour index of corna product of graphs Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nacer Meriem Algeria An adjusted Salp Swarm Optimization Algorithm by Utilizing Chaotic Maps Online via ZOOM
Hassan Messaoudi Algeria General decay of solutions in one-dimensional nonlinear damping piezoelectric beams with magnetic effects Online via ZOOM
Chebana Zainouba Algeria The Finite Time Blow-Up Solution Of Nonlinear Parabolic Problem Online via ZOOM
Sang-Eon Han South Korea Semi-Jordan curve theorem on the Marcus-Wyse topological plane Physical Participation in Istanbul
Abd Elhamid Mehamdia Algeria MHS* conjugate gradient method with sufficient descent property and its application to non-parametric estimation Online via ZOOM
Sabah Baibeche Algeria On the stability of solution for laminated Timoshenko beams in the absence of the nonlinear weight of the damping with history term under effects of varying delay term Online via ZOOM
Sami Loucif Algeria Energy Decay Estimates of some evolutionary equations with time delay Online via ZOOM
Radja Belkhiri Algeria On relations among Hermitian Least-rank solutions of the Hermitian matrix equation AXA^{∗}=B and its two reduced equations Online via ZOOM
Neslihan Özmaden Turkey On Some Formulas Containing Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas Polynomials Online via ZOOM
Braik Abdelkader Algeria Well-posedness and Stability for a Moore-Gibson-Thompson Equation with Internal Distributed Delay Online via ZOOM
Ruchi Kaur India Mathematical Modeling:Role of media awareness to control the spread of Covid-19 Online via ZOOM
Ahmed Bokhari Algeria Solving a quadratic calculus of variations problem involving the ABC operator via an operational calculus Online via ZOOM
Bahri Noureddine Algeria Well-posedness and decay estimates for a Petrovsky-Petrovsky system. Online via ZOOM
Aya Khaldi Algeria Blow up of solutions for wave equation with multiple α(x)-laplacian Physical Participation in Istanbul
Yousfi Abla Algeria On some attractors of a two-dimensional quadratic map Physical Participation in Istanbul
Lakshmi Narayan Mishra India Solvability of Nonlinear Multi-Dimensional Volterra Integral Equations by Using the Quasilinearization Method with Linear Barycentric Rational Interpolation Online via ZOOM
Manish Jain India A Fuzzy Global Optimization Problem Concerning Coupled Best Proximity Points Online via ZOOM
Erdinç Dündar Turkey On Double Hausdorff Deferred Cesàro Summability of Order Online via ZOOM
Uğur Ulusu Turkey On Strongly Deferred Cesàro Summability of Order β for Double Set Sequences Online via ZOOM
Erdinç Dündar Turkey On Hausdorff Asymptotically Deferred Cesàro Equivalence of Order Online via ZOOM
Abir Bounaama Algeria Global Existence and Decay of solution for weighted quasilinear problem Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sara Dridi Algeria New trends in regional controllability of cellular Automata Online via ZOOM
Saddam Husain India A novel beta matrix function via Wiman matrix function and their applications Online via ZOOM
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey Some Results for Equivalence of Matrix Summability Methods Online via ZOOM
Rachid Belgacem Algeria Jafari Transformation to solve the smoking epidemic model in Caputo fractional derivatives Online via ZOOM
Selmani Wissame Algeria Strange attractors and periodic orbit of dynamical system Physical Participation in Istanbul
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey A Recent Note on the Absolute Riesz Summability Factors Online via ZOOM
Benatmane Sara Algeria A data security method based on three security layer: factoring problem, DNA OTP and Feistel Online via ZOOM
Nawel Mourah Algeria Positive Solutions For A Bandoury-Value Problem Of Nonlinear Fractional Difference Equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nassima Nasri Algeria Fractional Bullen-Simpson type inequalities for differentiable s-convex functions Physical Participation in Istanbul
Chouia Sana Algeria Different Goodness-of-fit test for the generalization of the Weibull distribution Online via ZOOM
Thara Belhamra Algeria A New Compound Exponential Lindley Distribution: Application and Comparison Physical Participation in Istanbul
Rakibul Sk India Certain Results On Extended Beta And Related Functions Using Matrix Arguments Online via ZOOM
Yassine Bedrani Algeria Numerical radii of matrices with real parts positive Online via ZOOM
Ruchika Lochab India A Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Controls for Forecasting Bitcoin Prices Online via ZOOM
Soraya Rekkab Algeria How to Compensate the Effect of any Disturbance via a Gradient Observation Regionally Physical Participation in Istanbul