Name Surname Contry Title Of Study Presentation Type Session
Taylan Demir Turkey Solutions of fractional-order differential equation on harmonic waves and linear wave equation Online via ZOOM
Taylan Demir Turkey Using Special Functions on Grünwald-Letnikov and Riemann Liouville Fractional Derivative and Fractional Integral Online via ZOOM
Urvashi Purohit Sharma India A brief review bicomplex functions and their applications Online via ZOOM
Naveen Kumar India Hermite collocation technique for the solutions of Erdelyi-Kober fractional differential equations Online via ZOOM
Kastriot Zoto Albania A Fixed Point Theorem For Wardoskwi Type F-Contractive Mappings In 2-Banach Spaces Online via ZOOM
Shiv Kant Tiwari India Existence of fixed-point theorems for complex partial b-metric spaces using S-contractive mapping Online via ZOOM
Beyzanur Topkara Turkey Orthogonally Additive Operators Online via ZOOM
Monireh Nosrati Sahlan Iran Wavelet Spectral method for Fractional Jaulent–Miodek equation associated with energy-dependent ‎Schrödinger potential Online via ZOOM
Zeynep Yavuz Turkey Special Operators on Banach Lattices Online via ZOOM
Gül Özkan Kıızılırmak Turkey SOME (a,b)-KA INDICES OF LUCAS SUM GRAPH Online via ZOOM
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey Some Theorems on Absolute Matrix Summability Online via ZOOM
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey A New Theorem on Quasi Power Increasing Sequences Online via ZOOM
Serkan Öztürk Turkey A Study on the Earthquake Hazard and Forecasting in the Lake Van and its surroundings, Turkey Online via ZOOM
Mesut Güneş Turkey T0 and T1 Objects at p in the Category of Quantale-Valued Preordered Spaces Online via ZOOM
Serkan Öztürk Turkey Statistical Analysis of Earthquake Occurrences in and around the Çaldıran Fault Zone (Turkey) Online via ZOOM
Sümeyra UÇAR Turkey SVIR epidemic model with Caputo-Fabrizio derivative Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sure Köme Turkey Bivariate Biperiodic Fibonacci Hybrinomials Online via ZOOM
Hani Abdel Aziz Jordan A New Generalization of r-ideals in Commutative Rings Physical Participation in Istanbul
Erhan Güler Turkey Strophoidal Hypersurfaces in Four-Dimensional Euclidean Space Online via ZOOM
Erhan Güler Turkey Epirochoidal Surfaces Online via ZOOM
Ömer Kişi Turkey Rough Statistical Λ^2-Convergence of Double Sequences of Order α Online via ZOOM
Ömer Kişi Turkey Rough Statistical Convergence of Order α for Complex Uncertain Double Sequences Online via ZOOM
Peter Pflaumer Germany Modeling Life Tables with the Piecewise Exponential Survival Function Physical Participation in Istanbul
Bounefla Alia Algeria Brent Crude Oil Price Fluctuation Analysis Under COVID-19 Physical Participation in Istanbul
Vijay Bhat India Metric Dimension of Some Graphs of Convex Polytopes Online via ZOOM
Asma Abid Pakistan A new fuzzy fractional order model of transmission of Covid-19 with quarantine class Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kübra Bayram Turkey Prime Ideals in Riesz Space and Properties Online via ZOOM
Sukri Khareng Turkey Implementation of Modified Hirota Method to a Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Abdelaziz Abdallaoui Morocco Elaboration of stochastic mathematical models for the relative humidity levels prediction using artificial neural networks Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mittu Walia India Nanofluids flow modelling with heat and mass transfer Physical Participation in Istanbul
Rozana Liko Albania Some Novelty Inequalities Using Uniformly Exponentially (ω1,ω2,h1,h2 )-Convex Functions Pertaining to Generalized Integral Operators And Their Applications Online via ZOOM
Muhammed Syam United Arab Emirates An efficient numerical Method for locating zeros of polynomial systems using multi-resultant Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mohammad Namegoshayfard Iran A note on Commutant hypercyclicity of some classical operators Online via ZOOM
Besik Dundua Georgia PρLog: A Language for Exact and Approximate Reasoning Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kees Vuik Netherlands A Numerical Approach to Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equation Online via ZOOM
Farrukh Mukhamedov United Arab Emirates Quantum Genetic Algebras Physical Participation in Istanbul
Tahir Gadjiev Azerbaijan The behaviour of solutions nonlinear elliptic equations. Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mashhour Bani Ata Kuwait On construction of certain Fischer embedded subgroups generated by 3-transpositions in Fi22 Physical Participation in Istanbul
Boudjedour Allaoua Algeria Mutigrid method for solving antiplane frictional contact problems Online via ZOOM
Abdulkarem Alhuraiji Kuwait The action of the Chevalley group E6 on the singular subspaces V2 of a 27-dimensional module Physical Participation in Istanbul
Esra Gülle Turkey Some Deferred Invariant Convergence Types for Double Sequences of Sets Online via ZOOM
Sondos Muhammed Syam United Arab Emirates ON GENETIC LOTKA-VOLTERRA ALGEBRAS Physical Participation in Istanbul
Uğur Ulusu Turkey Double Wijsman Deferred Cesàro Summability and Statistical Convergence of Order α Online via ZOOM
Uğur Ulusu Turkey Asymptotical Deferred Statistical and Cesàro Equivalence of Order β for Double Sequences of Sets Online via ZOOM
Ali Armandnejad Iran Linear preservers of Ferrers vectors Physical Participation in Istanbul
Yasemin Şimşek Turkey Weakly Prime Submodules Online via ZOOM
Varayut Boonyasri Thailand Aggregation Function Constructed from Copula Physical Participation in Istanbul
Pattira Tongjundee Thailand Characterization of Bivariate Quadratic Transformations of Quasi-copulas Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kanruethai Jeenkaew Thailand Pure Ideals in Power-ordered Semigroups on Semihypergroups Physical Participation in Istanbul
Esra Gülle Turkey On Double Wijsman Deferred Invariant Equivalences Online via ZOOM
Shkelqim Hajrulla Albania An application through unimodular matrix for finding the solution of the System of Linear Equations Online via ZOOM
Krittawit Limkul Thailand On Independence Numbers of Cayley Digraphs of Clifford Semigroups Physical Participation in Istanbul
Hojjat Afshari Iran An application of contraction of Samet's method to boundary value problems Online via ZOOM
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Quantile Regression Neural Network Model in the Description of Bioloical Networks with Outlier Observations Online via ZOOM
Elif Güner Turkey An extension of TOPSIS method to the Generalized Spherical Fuzzy Environment Online via ZOOM
Hojjat Afshari Iran On the generalized multivalued suzuki type contractions via absolute retractivity Online via ZOOM
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Bootstrap in Gaussian Mixture Model and Performance Assessement Online via ZOOM
Manssouri Imad Morocco Modeling temperature at the head of distillation column with random forest and artificial neural network models: A comparison study Physical Participation in Istanbul
Erdinç Dündar Turkey On Hausdorff Deferred Statistical Convergence of Order η of Double Set Sequences Online via ZOOM
Mohd Raiz India Tauberian theorems for weighted means of double sequences in intuitionistic fuzzy normed space Online via ZOOM
Lakshmi Narayan Mishra India Approximation of solutions for nonlinear functional integral equations Online via ZOOM
Sana HADJ AMOR Tunisia Krasnoselskii type theorems in product Banach spaces and applications to systems of nonlinear transport equations and mixed fractional differential equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sameerah Jamal South Africa Solving Hierarchies of Partial Differential Equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Erdinç Dündar Turkey Double Hausdorff Deferred Statistical Equivalence of Order Online via ZOOM
Benhadj Yassine Morocco Artificial intelligence for supervised classification purposes: Case of the surface water quality in the Moulouya River, Morocco Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ghaus ur Rahman Pakistan Study of Delay Differential Equation Equipped with Impulsive Behavior & Multi-term Differential Operators Physical Participation in Istanbul
Parvaneh Atashpeykar Iran A note on the three-dimensional Lorentzian warped product manifolds Online via ZOOM
Parvaneh Atashpeykar Iran Generalized Ricci solitons of the lie group 2  Online via ZOOM
Ruchi Rajawat India Statistical Convergence of Lupas-Jain operators Online via ZOOM
Kaushik Dehingia India Study on effect of time -delay on a tumor-macrophages mathematical model Online via ZOOM
Shkelqim Hajrulla Albania Interpolating and visualizing with piecewise polynomials by using Python Online via ZOOM
Monireh Nosrati Sahlan Iran Jacobi Polynomials for Distributed-Order Fractional Diffusion Equations Online via ZOOM
Mahesh Puri Goswami India Generalization of Riemann-Liouville Fractional Operators in Bicomplex Space and Applications Online via ZOOM
Hacer Bozkurt Turkey Soft Quasilinear Spaces and Soft Normed Quasilinear Spaces Online via ZOOM
Hacer Bozkurt Turkey Soft Quasilinear Operators Online via ZOOM
Kazem Haghnejad Azar Iran Weakly Unbounded Norm Topology And Wun-Dunford-Pettıs Operators Physical Participation in Istanbul
Celil Nebiyev Turkey Amply Cofinitely Weak e-Supplemented Modules Online via ZOOM
Celil Nebiyev Turkey On gs-Essential Submodules Online via ZOOM
Hasan Hüseyin Ökten Turkey Amply e-Supplemented Lattices Online via ZOOM
Hasan Hüseyin Ökten Turkey Weakly g-Supplemented Lattices Online via ZOOM
Hilal Başak Özdemir Turkey Some Properties of Plus-g-Rad-Supplemented Modules Online via ZOOM
Özen Özer Turkey One of the Special Type of D(2) Diophantine Pairs (Extendibility of Them and Their Properties) Online via ZOOM
Özen Özer Turkey Demonstration of Several Properties on Special Number Theoretic Functions Online via ZOOM
Adem Şehitoğlu Turkey A Meta-Heuristic Solution for a Chance Constrained Mathematical Model of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demand Online via ZOOM
Adem Şehitoğlu Turkey Calculation of the Shortest Distance and the Lowest Fuel Cost by Simulating Annealing in the Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Capacity Constraints Online via ZOOM
Dalah Mohamed Algeria A coupled finite element method and finite differences method For solving antiplane frictional contact problems Online via ZOOM