Name Surname Contry Title Of Study Presentation Type Session
Mekki Soundes Algeria A comparative analysis of dimensionality reduction methods: traditional approaches versus contemporary techniques. Online via ZOOM
Ilhem Kadri Algeria Solving Fractional Conformable Laplace Type Equation by Employing The Fractional Fourier Series alongside the Separation of Variables Technique Online via ZOOM
Djebaili Manel Algeria Research of existence and uniqueness of a new type of problem involving boundaries values for non-linear differential equations contain fractional derivatives Online via ZOOM
Hadjou Belaid Asma Algeria A Stochastic Approach to Modelling Random Fluctuations in Stage-Structured Populations. Online via ZOOM
Mohammed Amine Meraou Algeria The Exponential T-X Gompertz Model for Modeling Real Lifetime Data: Properties and Estimation Online via ZOOM
Bouanani Oussama Algeria Local linear modeling of the conditional distribution function in an infinite dimensional space Oussama Bouanani1 Online via ZOOM
Abdelmalek Mohammed Algérie On the geometry of Lr operator En ligne via ZOOM
Cherifa Guezzen Algeria Global dynamics of a SIQR reaction–diffusion model with general incidence rate Online via ZOOM
Ahlem Abdelouahab Algeria Analysis of a mathematical model of the growth of necrotic tumors. Online via ZOOM
Yousfi Abla Algeria On Some Properties In The Parameter Space Of A Planar Discrete Dynamical System Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mebarki Khadidja Algeria New Results on Coupled Fixed Point Theory in Metric Spaces Endowed with a Directed Graph with Application Online via ZOOM
Abderrahmane Layati Algeria Existence of solutions for semilinear elliptic problems with criyical Sobolev-Hardy exposents and Hardy potential Online via ZOOM
Esma Dirican Erdal Turkey Multiplicative Property of the Twisted Reidemeister Torsion on Compact 3-Manifolds Online via ZOOM
Safia Bazine Algeria Generalization of the Banach contraction principle Online via ZOOM
Ali Khalouta Algeria Khalouta transform method to solve different types of differential equations Online via ZOOM
Hanane Belhireche Algeria Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equations with regular kernels Online via ZOOM
Mouna Abdelli Algeria Numerical Control for Wave Equations depending on a parameter Online via ZOOM
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Efficient and Faster Multiple Testing Procedure for Message Passing Algorithm with Bootstrap Procedure Online via ZOOM
Mehmet Ali Kaygusuz Turkey Conformal Estimation of Treatment Effect on Biological Networks with Continuous Time and Missing Values Online via ZOOM
Uğur Gözütok Turkey On the problem of computing projectivities between rational vector fields Physical Participation in Istanbul
Yasmeen Hamida United Arab Emirates Taylor Exclusion Test for Zero Finding in Interval Analysis Physical Participation in Istanbul
Shiv Kant Tiwari India Solution of integral equations in cone metric spaces Online via ZOOM
Ahlem Djebar Algeria Applications of the GLM theory and exponential family in bivariate credibility estimator Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nedjoua Driai Algeria Numerical scheme for nonlinear system of fractional Burger’s equations Online via ZOOM
Boukaroura Ali Algeria On a certain class of groups with a combinatorial condition Physical Participation in Istanbul
Benterki Abdessalem Algeria Discussion on some coincidence point results Online via ZOOM
Moufida Guechi Algeria Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Volterra Integro-Differential Equations Online via ZOOM
Asma Zemmouri Algeria On the calculation of the spectrum of Sturm-Liouville opeartor Physical Participation in Istanbul
Hanane Ben Gherbal Algeria On the strict control problems for G-SDEs with jumps Physical Participation in Istanbul
Abdelkrim Zekri Algeria Study of a coupled system of differential equations with mixed nonlocal conditions Online via ZOOM
Ömer Ünsal Turkey A Generalized Approach to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Khaoula Aidi Algérie A New Log-Logistic Lifetime Model with Mathematical Properties, Modified Goodness-of-Fit Test for Validation Participation physique à Istanbul
Baya Laadjal Algeria Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Differential Equation with Time Delay Online via ZOOM
Sami Segni Algeria Numerical development for an integro-diffirential equation depending in acceleration term Physical Participation in Istanbul
Bouguerne Hamza Algeria The Boundary Integral Method For The Laplace Equation With Oblique Conditions Physical Participation in Istanbul
Serkan Öztürk Turkey A Statistical Appraisal of the Current Seismic Hazard in and around İzmir and the Samos Island, Turkey Online via ZOOM
Benhadj Yassine Morocco Using Statistical Analysis to Examine the Effect of Incorporating Social Media Literacy into Moroccan Schools Physical Participation in Istanbul
Youcef Achira Sara Algeria Approximation by numerical inversion of Laplace transform based on Bernoulli operational matrix Online via ZOOM
Mourad Kerboua Algeria Sobolev type nonlinear (k,ψ)-Hilfer fractional neutral control systems: Controllability exploration Physical Participation in Istanbul
Elbahi Amel Algeria Existence, Uniqueness Results Of An Nonhomogeneous Iterative Functional Differential Equation Online via ZOOM
Manssouri Imad Morocco Mathematical Modeling of Continuous Distillation Column Temperature: Linear Regression vs. MLP Neural Networks Physical Participation in Istanbul
Lana Abdelhaq United Arab Emirates Operational matrix method for fractional integro-differential equations with modified Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivative Physical Participation in Istanbul
Kasri Hichem Algeria Asymptotic Stability of a coupled hyperbolic/parabolic system by means of a general multiplier method Online via ZOOM
Bensatal Kattar Enada Algeria Densifiability Techniques of Neutral Integro-Differential Equations Online via ZOOM
Nawal Bettayeb Algeria Caputo Tempered Fractional Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Conditions Online via ZOOM
Serkan Öztürk Turkey Comparison of inversion results calculated from short and long-period data: An example from the Crete Island Online via ZOOM
Chems Eddine Berrehail Algeria Periodic solutions for a class of perturbed sixth-order autonomous differential equations Physical Participation in Istanbul
Benchabi Rahima Algeria Effect of the form factor of oxide nanoparticles on thermal-hydraulic performance of a nanofluid Online via ZOOM
Imene Khelifa Algeria Integral equation method for solving the Laplace equation in a perturbed strip Online via ZOOM
Lebri Namira Algeria A quasi-static adhesive contact of a membrane with damage Physical Participation in Istanbul
Helmi Temimi Kuwait Discontinuous Galerkin method of lines for the two-dimensional Poisson’s equation. Physical Participation in Istanbul
Ulviye Demirbilek Turkey New Dynamical Behaviors for a New Extension of (2+1)-D Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation Online via ZOOM
Lanani Ahsene Algeria Correlations and power model for forced convection in corrugated channels Online via ZOOM
Ulviye Demirbilek Turkey Utilizing the Modified Generalized Kudryashov Method to Discover Novel Traveling Wave Solutions for the New (3+1)-D pKP–BKP Equation Online via ZOOM
Asma Senhadji Algeria A Fractional problem with a critical growth Online via ZOOM
Meskine Rayene Abir Algeria Comparison of Control Methods for a Lu Hyperchaotic System with Exponential Nonlinearity Online via ZOOM
Zineb Bouslah Algeria Boundary Integral Equation Method for Solving Mixed Boundary Value Problems of the Biharmonic Equation Physical Participation in Istanbul
Oussama Melkemi Algérie Exploring Existence and Uniqueness in the Generalized Boussinesq System En ligne via ZOOM
Farida Belhannache Algeria Stability of solutions of a nonlinear difference equation Online via ZOOM
Rebiha Benterki Algeria Periodic Solutions of Three-dimensional piecewise Differential systems Online via ZOOM
Zine Raoudha Tunisia Statistical properties of random density matrices Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sameh Kessentini Tunisia The Generalized Gamcon distributions and their application to COVID data Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mojtaba Bakherad Iran Numerical range of a real 2-Toeplitz Tridiagonal matrix Online via ZOOM
Hassan Messaoudi Algeria General energy decay of solutions for a one-dimensional nonlinear Timoshenko system Online via ZOOM
Saeid Alikhani Iran Strong Coalition in Graphs Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mojtaba Bakherad Iran Recent developments of the operator Bellman type inequalities Online via ZOOM
El Ouahma Bendib Algeria Limit cycles for a class of generalized Kukles polynomial differential systems Physical Participation in Istanbul
Nour Alsharif Turkey Stability Test of Linear Dynamic Equation with Variable Delay Online via ZOOM
Guezane Lakoud Assia Algeria Analysis of Laplacian fractional differential equations Online via ZOOM
Lecheheb Samira Algeria Existence Results for a Nonlinear (p(x),q(x))-Elliptic System via Topological Degree Physical Participation in Istanbul
Hafida Goual Algérie Advancements in Statistical Modeling and Validation: A novel Accelerated Failure Time Approach Participation physique à Istanbul
Choucha Abdelbaki Algeria Growth of solutions with Lp-norm for a viscoelastic Kirchhoff equation with a source, delay and Balakrishnan-Taylor damping terms Online via ZOOM
Akos Magyar United States Polynomial sequences and the Waring problem on nilpotent groups Physical Participation in Istanbul
Romaissa Chichoune Algeria Equivalent Norms of Variable Besov-Lorentz Space Associated to Operators Online via ZOOM
Wahiba Mecibah Algeria Linear And Nonlinear Regression Methods For Equilibrium Modelling Of Biosorption Of Basic Fuchsin onto Prickly Pear Seeds Physical Participation in Istanbul
Omar Barkat Algeria Some results on standard single valued neutrosophic metric space Online via ZOOM
Amel Mohamed Ben Ali Algeria Impact of Partial Cement Substitution with Biochar on Mortar: physical and mechanical properties Properties Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sihem Gherieb Algeria Investigation of velocity slip and radiatif transfer phenomena in magnetohydrodynamic boundary layers flow of hybrid ferrofluids over a stretching/ shrinking porous sheet Physical Participation in Istanbul
Chaffia Djebbari Algeria Milling effect on structural, microstructural and magnetic properties of FeCo based alloys Physical Participation in Istanbul
Imene Touil Algeria A primal-dual IPM based on bi-parametric kernel function for linear programming problems Online via ZOOM
Semmar Billel Algeria A New Three-Dimensional Prey-Predator Model’s Dynamical Behaviors with Commensurate and Incommensurate Generalized Fractional-Order Derivatives Online via ZOOM
Fatemeh Moameri Iran On Thomson’s problem for a Projective Special Unitary group PSU(3, 11) Online via ZOOM
Chouia Sana Algeria Goodness-of-fit for a new Weighted Exponential Distribution Online via ZOOM
Bouchelaghem Fairouz Algeria On The Solvability Of Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problems With Accretive Operators Physical Participation in Istanbul
Jehad Al Jaraden Jordan The classifying supersolvable group using c-subnormal subgroups Physical Participation in Istanbul
Hanane Belhireche Algeria Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equations with regular kernels Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sajjad Mahmoud Robati Iran On the Connectivity of Power Graph on the Conjugacy Classes of a Finite Group Physical Participation in Istanbul
Elayabharath V T India Passive synchronization of switched reaction-diffusion neural networks subject to hybrid attacks Online via ZOOM
Farida Belhannache Algeria Decay of Solutions of a Singular Nonlocal Viscoelastic Problem Online via ZOOM
Khaoula Aidi Algérie A Novel Test Statistic for Right Censored Validity under a new Chen extension with Applications Participation physique à Istanbul
Mesure Şen Turkey On a nonlinear difference equations system of second-order Online via ZOOM
Derbouche Assia Algeria Synchronization of SIR model using active backstepping control Online via ZOOM
Azzedine Abdel Hakim Algeria Adaptive process modeling and control using probabilistic and artificial intelligence techniques Online via ZOOM
Nidhi Shukla India Controllability of Semilinear Impulsive Stochastic Evolution Equations with Finite Delay Online via ZOOM
Meryem Meddahi Algeria Metric regularity of multimaps with applications Online via ZOOM
Kara terki Nesrine Algeria Determining the order p of a functional autoregressive process Online via ZOOM
Boudjema Djeffal Khaled Algeria The study of a Huanglongbing transmission model in periodic environments. Online via ZOOM
Zakarya Malki الجزائر The existence of solutions for random system of fractional differential equations with boundary nonlocal initial conditions اونلاين عبر برنامج ZOOM
Kamel Bey Algérie Study of Mechanical behaviour in 3-point bending of fatigue stressed composite laminates Participation physique à Istanbul
Riad Dida Algeria Entire solutions of some linear differential equations that share one finite value CM with their first derivative Online via ZOOM
Ahmed Chaouki Aouine Algeria Distinct Fixed Points of Weakly Picard Operator in Complete Metric spaces Online via ZOOM
Eman Ahmad Philippines Fault-tolerant Locating-Dominating Sets in Graphs Online via ZOOM
Melouka Remil Algeria Numerical solution of a viscoelastic wave equation with the absorbing boundary condition Online via ZOOM
Yamina Hamzaoui Algérie Positive solutions for a weighted quasilinear elliptic system En ligne via ZOOM
Djebar Ahlem Algeria The generalized equity and exact credibility premiums Physical Participation in Istanbul
Anabel Gamorez Philippines Subbasic Open Sets Induced by Monophonic Eccentric Neighborhoods a Graph under some Binary Operations Online via ZOOM
Aysel Özfidan Turkey Bound state solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with a generalized Cornell potential Online via ZOOM
Aysel Özfidan Turkey Approximate solutions for Varshni potential within the framework of the relativistic theory in spherical coordinates Online via ZOOM
Boudaoud Miloudi Algeria Application of Nevanlinna Theory to Entire functions Online via ZOOM
Mohamed Amine Boubatra Algeria A new Laplace transform-type multipliers for the index Whittaker transform Online via ZOOM
Benzehli Brahim Algeria The construction of an encryption key using three chaotic maps Online via ZOOM
Pembe Ipek Al Turkey Representation of Normal Differential Operators for First Order in the Weighted Hilbert Space and Their Spectral Analysis Online via ZOOM
Manish Jain India Symmetric Contraction in GV-FMS and Unique Coupled Common Fixed Point Online via ZOOM
Ali Selçuk Turkey Examination of Bouguer-Beer-Lambert Absorption Law Using M-Derivative Physical Participation in Istanbul
Rabia Ünlü Turkey Biometric Image Encryption Based on Arnold Transform and Elgamal Algorithm Online via ZOOM
Lemya Benteboula Algeria On Some Aspects Of Stochastic Dynamical Systems Physical Participation in Istanbul
Irakli Chitaia Georgia Conjunctive degrees of c.e. sets Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mohamed Amine Mezerdi Algeria Approximation of McKean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations by a numerical scheme Online via ZOOM
Bensid Sabri Algeria Analysis of of a multiphase free boundary problem for a tumor growth model Physical Participation in Istanbul
Sana Hadj Amor Tunisia Coupled random impulsive semilinear differential system of equations and applications Physical Participation in Istanbul
Mohamed S. Boudellioua Algeria Reduction to block diagonal form for matrices with elements in a multivariate polynomial ring Physical Participation in Istanbul
Meriem Mezerdi Algeria Maximum principle for relaxed control problems of stochastic differential equations Online via ZOOM
Sahar Pazhouhesh Iran Chelyshkov Galerkin Method for Solving Third Kind Volterra Integral Equations Online via ZOOM
Kheira Attar Algeria The existence of traveling wave solution in a coupled reaction-diffusion and difference system with delayed Online via ZOOM
Soheyb Milles Algeria On picture fuzzy topological spaces in Šostak’s sense Online via ZOOM
Muaz Seydaoğlu Turkey Exponential Euler-Rosenbrock method combined with radial basis function for the numerical solution of the Burgers' equation Online via ZOOM
Zagharide Zine El Abidine Tunisia Existence and Asymptotic Analysis of Positive Solutions for a Polyharmonic Problem in the Exterior of the Unit Ball Physical Participation in Istanbul
Muaz Seydaoğlu Turkey An approach to solving Burgers' equation using barycentric collocation method with exponential Rosenbrock method Online via ZOOM
Taras Goy Ukraine Some combinatorial identities for Fuss-Catalan numbers Online via ZOOM
Esra Ünal Yılmaz Turkey On the Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrödinger’s Equation in Compressional Dispersive Alven Waves Online via ZOOM
Sara Dridi Algeria A numerical approach for regional controllability of cellular automata Online via ZOOM
Hanaa Achour Algeria A Fractional p-Laplacian Problem Involving Discontinuities Online via ZOOM
Artion Kashuri Albania Some New Generalized Tempered Fractional Milne-Type Integral Inequalities Pertaining to Differentiable Subadditive Functions Online via ZOOM
Artion Kashuri Albania Novel Generalized Tempered Fractional Milne-Type Integral Inequalities Via Differentiable s-Convex Functions and Applications Online via ZOOM
Lallouche Abdallah Algeria Statistical Proprieties and Modeling of Lifetime Data under Exponential Poisson Pareto Distribution Online via ZOOM
Nursena Günhan Ay Turkey Exact Solutions of Fractional Predetor-Prey Model via Extended Modified Sub-Equation Method Physical Participation in Istanbul
Et-tanteny Rachid Morocco Machine Learning Modeling for Prediction of Methyl Orange Adsorption onto Bentonite-Biochar Composite Physical Participation in Istanbul
Emrullah Yasar Turkey Lie Symmetry Analysis and Conservation Laws of Time Fractional Predator-Prey Model Online via ZOOM
Filiz Ocak Turkey Some remarks on the new metric in the cotangent bundle Online via ZOOM
Aziz Ouhinou Morocco Mathematical modeling and analysis of contact tracing to inform its impact on disease outbreaks Physical Participation in Istanbul
Selmani Wissame Algeria Two parameter Q.B.V method for a class of ill-posed fractional elliptic Cauchy problems Online via ZOOM
Laissaoui Diffalah Algeria On a probabilistic degenerate generalized Fubini polynomials of two variables Online via ZOOM
Filiz Ocak Turkey A study on the cotangent bundle with Natural Riemann Extension Online via ZOOM
Chahira Guenoune Algeria Variational analysis of a dynamic bilateral contact problem for electro-elasto-viscoplastic materials with friction Physical Participation in Istanbul
Chahrazed Boudefla Algeria Controllability of Nonlocal Second-Order Evolution Equations with Finite State-Dependent Delay Online via ZOOM
Milad Fahimi Iran Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Chikungunya Epidemic Model Online via ZOOM
Bachir Bouderba Algeria Mathematical Model and a New Advanced Theory for Bending Analysis of Composite Structures Online via ZOOM
Aldison Asdain Philippines Geodetic Bounds in Graphs Online via ZOOM
Ibtesam Bajunaid Saudi Arabia A New Definition of the Flux on a BS Spaces Online via ZOOM
Uğur Ulusu Turkey Wijsman Strong I_2-Deferred Cesàro Summability of Order α Online via ZOOM
Uğur Ulusu Turkey Wijsman I_2-Deferred Statistical Convergence of Order α Online via ZOOM
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey On Quasi Monotone Sequences Online via ZOOM
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan Turkey On a General Theorem on Absolute Riesz Summability Factors Online via ZOOM
Mechrouk Salima Algeria Fixed point theorems in the study of positive strict set-contractions Physical Participation in Istanbul
Doria Affane Algérie Existence and relaxation problems involving time-dependent subdifferential operators Participation physique à Istanbul
Doria Affane Algérie On a first order Iterative differential Inclusion Participation physique à Istanbul
Fellah Khadidja Algeria Trajectory Based On Moore Curve For Data Collection And Wireless Charging In WSN Physical Participation in Istanbul
Zübeyir Türkoğlu Turkey On the Proper Class Generated by τ-Supplements Online via ZOOM
Monireh Nosrati Sahlan Iran Using Bernoulli Wavelets for Solving a Class of Fractional Order BVPs arising in physiology Online via ZOOM
Hasan Hüseyin Ökten Turkey Oplus-e-Supplemented Lattices Online via ZOOM
Hasan Hüseyin Ökten Turkey Beta F-Star Relation in Modules Online via ZOOM
Hüsnü Anıl Çoban Turkey On a Method Detecting Similarities Between Two Implicit Plane Algebraic Curves Online via ZOOM
Guettai Ghania Algeria Exploring a novel class of polynomials derived from the Laguerre Transform Physical Participation in Istanbul
Naci Taşar Turkey Links on Some Subclasses of Harmonic Starlike Functions with the Inclusion of Mittag-Leffler Function Online via ZOOM
Naci Taşar Turkey Classes of Harmonic Functions Related to Bessel Function Online via ZOOM
Sadok Ibrahim Algeria Sequential Monte Carlo algorithm and its application Online via ZOOM
Wencheong Chin Malaysia The Impact of the COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Crude Oil Market Volatility Online via ZOOM
Sajjad Mahmoud Robati Iran Vanishing Elements And The Ascending Fitting Series Of Finite Groups Physical Participation in Istanbul
Pembe Ipek Al Turkey Representation of Boundedly Solvable Degenerate Differential Operators for First Order and Their Spectrum Sets Online via ZOOM
Loredana Simčić Croatia Micropolar real gas flow with spherical symmetry: uniqueness of a generalized solution Online via ZOOM
Fatemeh Jowkar Iran Some new approximation operators in MV-algebras Physical Participation in Istanbul
Tülay Yağmur Turkey Unrestricted Bicomplex Horadam Numbers Online via ZOOM
Zakarie Ibrahim Ahmed Turkey Fully Starlikeness and Fully Convexity of Harmonic Functions Online via ZOOM
John Pamba Zambia On Fixed point results of Banach Contractions in Controlled metric spaces Online via ZOOM
Şule Şevval Karakaya Turkey Optimizing ECG Signal Classification Using Circular Statistics Physical Participation in Istanbul